Students and staff in the education sector can receive free Covid-19 PCR tests

Education employees and vaccinated students will be offered free Covid-19 PCR tests by UAE authorities. PCR tests are free for students, and academic, administrative, and technical staff every 30 days, according to the National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA). At government schools, all students and staff are required to undergo PCR testing regularly. A … Read more

To introduce the business environment of the UAE to global audiences, the UAE is launching a film series

As part of its ongoing partnership with VICE Media, the UAE Government Media Office has launched a series of inspiring short films designed to show the world the UAE’s vibrant and supportive business environment. A modern, vibrant, and multifaceted nation is portrayed through language, art, music, innovation, and creativity in the It’s Possible series. The … Read more

Emirates says visitors with an entry permit and a visit visa to Dubai can travel without approval

Emirates Airline’s customer service account posted on Twitter that travelers with visas and entry permits from restricted countries can fly to Dubai. A number of questions were addressed on Twitter by Emirates Support. ‚ÄúTravel permits for entry into Dubai are now open for Pakistani citizens. It said in a Tweet that you wouldn’t need approval … Read more