Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum is among one of those museums that collects, saves, preserves and showcased the heritage and culture of UAE in different walks of life like political, social, cultural, military and scientific as well. Etihad is basically the Arabic word that means union and in this museum they depict the picture of the union … Read more

Alserkal Avenue

Al Serkal Avenue is a combination of an industrial area which is having warehouses in this industrial zone in Al Quoz, in Dubai. It was established in 2008 by Alserkal. The Alserkal avenue is one of the highlighted area of Dubai that is known for art and cultural district with a huge number of galleries, … Read more

Dubai Walls

More than a dozen hot shots of the international street-art scene, including Aiko, Blek Le Rat, ROA and Nick Walker, have turned new urban-style quarter City Walk into a stunning outdoor gallery. The not-to-be-missed art ranges from small pop-up model art to full-on installations covering an entire wall. The project was sponsored by City Walk … Read more

Kite Beach

Dubai’s Kite beach is one of the favorite spot for people to enjoy with their friends, families and it is also the perfect place for fitness fanatics people. Kite beach is the ultimate outdoor area with open belt of soft white sand, and the fascinating sights, sounds and the breathtaking fragrance of the sea. These … Read more

Alserkal Cultural Foundation

Alserkal Cultural Foundation

AlSerkal cultural foundation is known as ACF also. It is the foundation located in Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. Introduction: Al Serkal Cultural Foundation was founded in 2015 by starting its work properly and the fonder of this foundation is Mr. Ahmad bi Eisa bu=in Nasser Alserkal. AlSerkal was the first foundation which proves a first … Read more

Marina Walk

Dubai Marina Walk is a walk way area with 305 outlets and 70 restaurants to attract the visitors coming to Dubai Marina. This surrounding area of Marina situated on walking the whole area offering 7km of pedestrian where people can walk and entertain with the facilities around. Along that there is a beach area around … Read more