The Storm Coaster | How fast is the Storm coaster in Dubai?

Featuring a vertical drop (gulp) and immersive pre-ride experience, the Storm Coaster is the first indoor coaster of its kind.  Guests are immersed in the exciting world of storm chasing on the aptly named coaster.  Storm chasing: what is it? A severe weather phenomenon such as a hurricane, tornado, thunderstorm or other severe phenomenon is … Read more

In Sharjah, a new park features 4,000 flowers

A 7,400-square-metre park has been opened in Sharjah by Sharjah City Municipal Council and Municipality Wednesday saw the opening of Muwaileh Park, a park covering an area of 7,400 square metres, in Sharjah. Accordingly, the opening of this new park coincides with the rapid growth in population and urbanization of Muwaileh commercial district, as well … Read more