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Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is most famous choreographed fountain in the world. It is fixed on 12-hectare manmade lake of Burj Khalifa. It is located at the center of the downtown Dubai between Souk Al Bahar and Dubai Mall. The Dubai Fountain was designed by WET Design company who also designed Bellagio in Las Vegas. It is illuminated by 6,600 lights and colored projectors are 50.

Dubai Fountain is 902ft long and can shoot water up to air till 152.4m and during this water shoot program there are range of classical to modern Arabic Music played by. It was made at a cost of 800 million AED.

The name was chosen after the competition that organized by a developer Emaar properties and in the result of that contest was announced on 26th October 2008. The testing started in 2009 month of February. The fountain was officially inaugurated on 8th May 2009 with the official ceremony of Dubai Mall.

Dubai is a home to the world’s famous and tallest buildings, grand hotels, beautiful shopping malls, residential towers and popular touristic attractions. So like Dubai Fountain is among the famous tourist attraction of Dubai and indeed a beautiful and fascinating place as well.

Detailed introduction:

The Dubai fountain is truly a must visit place in Dubai, as it becomes with a lot of surprises every time. It is recognized as the world’s largest musical fountain that attracts and impresses thousands of regular visitors.

This fountain is 900ft in length that is equals to 2 football fields. The design of the fountain is very unique with the mixture of five circles of various sizes, two arcs and strong water spouts that can shoot water up to unlimited heights.

There are some other activities or you can say attractions near Dubai fountain that are Lake ride and Boardwalk. Just have a glance on these attractions too so if you are planning to visit Dubai fountain you should know about the nearest attraction too.

Lake Ride: The timings for the Lake ride started at 5:45pm and ends at 11:30pm and the price of the ticket is 65.50 AED per person. If you want to enjoy the lake ride along the fountain musical dance.  You can book the first row ticket to watch the perfect view of Fountain dance.

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You can book Abra (the traditional ride) to enjoy the lake ride and the mesmerizing sound and music with beautiful fountain sights. But keep this in mind that the last departs of board is 30 minutes before of the closing time.

Boardwalk: The boardwalk on Dubai fountain is a floating platform within it. It can give you the different perspective of the whole performance of Dubai fountain. The vsitors can start their journey from Burj Park and wander down the 272m boardwalk. The boardwalk is only 9 meters away from the Dubai fountain. You can discover more latest stuff during this journey or roaming around in Downtown Dubai.

If you want to use Board walk then you will pay 20 AED and if you want to enjoy water taxi you have to pay 50AED for that.

Features of Dubai Fountain:

  • The fountain is well lit by 6,600 powerful lights.
  • It can shoot water un till 500 feet.
  • It is as high as 50 storey building.
  • It can spray 22,000 gallons of water in the air.
  • It can create various patterns in the air.
  • High pressure water shooters fixed inside this fountain and can make the water to dance.
  • It can shoot under more pressure till 240ft and extreme shooters can shoot under pressure to 500ft but the extreme shooters cannot use in any event time as it needs time to build up more pressure to shoot up for high length.

Show timings of Dubai Fountain:

  • There are only 2 performances that held during the daytime that are; the performance of 1pm and 1:30pm.
  • The Friday timings are 1:30pm and 2:00 pm as the JUMMA Prayer is finished almost at 1:00 to 1:30pm.
  • The evening timings are 6:00pm to 11:00 pm.

Variety of songs are payed along Dubai Fountain either classical Arabic music or International music. The performances are happening on daily basis and last up for at least 5 minutes depends on the length of the music.

The shows of Dubai fountain water dance are free of cast and can be seen from any spot of Dubai Mall or nearest areas of the Dubai Fountain. If you visit to watch these show you must keep in your mind that the people from all around the areas like Dubai Mall or Burj kahlifa gathers there before the show started so it is full of crowd at every show time.

It is recommended to choose your place or seat before the time of the show so you can fully entertain with the show. The area around Souk Al Bahar has less crowd as compare to other area so it is preferable to watch the show from there.

If you want to entertain with the fountain show without any disturbance or you are not comfortable in crowd place you can book any table of any restaurant nearby, that is facing towards the Dubai fountain so you can watch it in full calming and peaceful manner.


The selection of the music is upon Peter Kopik the Choreographer head in WET design, he chose the music to be played at Dubai fountain.

The water at the fountain dances on different choreographed melodies from international or local music that can leave an un forgettable memories or feelings to your mind.

Some popular music tracks are also played like Mikel Jackson’s Thriller, Sarah Brightman’s Time to say Goodbye or Andrea Bocelli and many more. All these music are played through speakers fixed around the lake, sometimes fountain have to work without music during any repairing purpose.

Use for several advertisements:

The Dubai fountain is also used for some advertisement campaigns such as they DHL premiered the advertising campaign on 20 October 2011 which was choreographed in special version of the Motown classics and was repeated throughout the month.

In March 2016 the mall and the fountain were the part of Expo 2020 logo launch that was attended by managing director (Al Reem Hashimy) and PM (Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum). After this launching event the fountain danced on Whitney Houston’s song ‘I will always love you’.

The Dubai fountain is an artificial lake but the choreographed music along the water shooters makes it beautiful and the perfect place to visit. It is one of the free of cost attraction in Dubai where we can enjoy the breathtaking scenes and the dance with delightful music. This music makes you feel like relaxing and calming during the water dance performances. You may feel you are singing and dancing with the fountain.



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Green Planet – Dubai Zoo & Indoor Rain forest

The Green planet is Dubai’s first bio-dome that rebuilds the captivating world of a tropical forest with its’s biodiversity of over 3,000 plants and animals. The Green Planet is a new indoor attraction spot in Dubai, that brings a rainforest to Arabian golden sand desert.

The green planet is opened in September 2016. And functions as originally ecosystem and boasts over 3,000 sorts of plants, insects and animals according to the Local news.

The aim of the Green planet is to provide different educational trips with full of the knowledge about forests and life in it. It is space where Dubai’s residence and internationally people whatever age young or old can learn everything about wild life.

It is expected that Jumeirah is now a home to the tropical rainforest which is actually the other name of Green planet in City walk. This planet is not exactly the shape of a dome.


This indoor green planet of rainforest is located at a retail compound called City walk. Which is Dubai’s most popular lifestyle district and amongst a good range of eateries to entertain before and after experiencing the rainforest journey. This Green planet is situated inside a 150-foot-taller glass building.

Inside the Green planet:

The humidity in this rainforest is set at 70 percent higher than the normal level of the temperature and because of this the temperature stays between 77⁰F and 82⁰F. Visitors need to cross a bridge made up of a rope from the outer platform to get to the artificial tree in the middle of the Green planet. An indoor water fall which looks original, is also linked with this tree to give it natural look.

There are a lot of animals living inside the indoor rainforest such as American toucans, butterflies, tree boas, three toed sloths and lizards too.

In the middle of this indoor forest there is an 82-foot-tall tree with an artificial trunk. This artificial tree is the master piece of this planet, which is the largest tree of its own kind in the world. This tree creates a living atmosphere in which animals and plants can bloom. This tree is manmade tree and the largest indoor tree in the world.

But there is more interesting stuff to learn that this tree is fake in its full height but the plants attached to that tree are original not fake. They can creep and bloom across it, which means in coming few years this tree will look more green and big than now.

There are a lot more things that are the main focus of the visitors who are visiting there like aquariums inside this rainy forest and art exhibitions and a lot of reptiles that are fully spread across this tropical rainforest.

The most significant thing that attracts the visitors inside this rainforest is the birds that are flying from branch to branch throughout this whole green forest. In this birds there are the largest race of toucan in the world, Solomon Island Ecletus, the parrots from Brazil that boast Brazil’s national colors in their feathers and The Hyacinth Macaw which is the longest parrot family in the world also available in this tropical rainforest.

Visitors can find porcupine, lizards, crocodile and bright green snakes, that are nocturnal and the best time to visit is after 6pm so visitors can see them lively.

Educational programs:

There will be several educational programs for different schools of Dubai and different emirates around the Dubai at this place. There are different offers for these educational programs according to the age group of the children.

What Visitors can explore or experience in Green Planet:

  • The Green planet is an ecofriendly museum that invites visitors to have a brilliant time and learning journey through this rain forest specially kids.
  • Visitors can have good time by watching these beautiful scenes around them and along that they can learn a lot about nature and wild life.
  • They can have experience about the nature around them and how it works in different stages of life, they can compare their lives and this natural life in the rainforest.
  • It is a great deal of life, diversity and the best way t tell the story of eco life system.
  • Visitors will learn about over 3,000 animals and plants inside this bio-dome tropical rainforest.
  • They can explore fascinating Earth’s flora and fauna via an immense expedition into the tropics.
  • Visitors can experience the uniqueness of another world that is different form the world they are living.
  • Visitors specially the children can learn how the forest and greenery is important and playing a role for their future to protect nature and keep their environment healthy and natural.

Who can visit the Green planet?

It is the most suitable place for all ages to visit there and learn according to their age. All people of different ages can explore a lot of things in this tropical rainforest but it is the best and suitable place for those who love nature and are passionate to learn about nature, forests and their laws.

Children can enjoy a lot in Green planet as there are a lot of animals and birds throughout the planet so they can love to spend their holiday in Green planet.

Each level of the forest is explaining the different role of the rainforest that play in forest life. These three levels are The Canopy, Mid story, Forest floor and flooded rainforest. It is full of experiences for the senses with different creatures roaming around and the waterfalls running which makes the environment more natural and beautiful.

Timings of Green Planet:  

Timings of Green Planet City walk Dubai is 10am to 10pm from Sunday to Thursday. And on Friday 10am to midnight even on other holidays also. Parking is free there.

Ticket prices:

There are different price costs for entering into this tropical rainforest called ‘Green Planet’ For adults they charge 95AED and 70AED for children (age 2 to 12). There is one resident sloth too where visitor can freely roam around with no entrance fee to pay.

Little instruction is added there to keep in your mind before visiting the Green planet. First your photo ID is compulsory before entering there to submit on the main gate. Second Children must be with some adult or any guardians at all times during the visit. Third some of the activities may be not in operational mode due to any maintenance issue or due to weather. Hopefully it will be a good help to you to plan your trip for the Green Planet, Dubai.

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Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is one of the most famous Dubai attractions and among captivating attractions in Dubai Mall. Actually Dubai is the awe-inspiring city made by man, that is filled with most popular tourist attraction and destinations in the world.

Dubai’s each and every tourist attraction shows us different stories of the development of the nation from the golden sand desert to current developed and beautiful Dubai. Everything about Dubai set an impact on visitors who came to explore or to enjoy their holidays.

Dubai Aquarium and underwater Zoo is one such mesmerizing attraction that will leave its visitors spell bound with many of its delights. This Aquarium and Zoo gave immense feelings to the visitors. It depicts beautiful view of aquatic life of various animals in this big suspended aquarium of the World.

Dubai Aquarium is the best opportunity to explore the world’s top mysterious marine life. This is perfect spot for families to have a good weekend in this place. Here we are going to explore Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo in different ways. It has three main sections which offers you unlimited unique experiences through marine exploration.

First is Aquarium Tank: It is a home to at least 140 species of thousands of aquatic animals with a lot of different varieties of them. This tank is one of the biggest water tank in the world. There are sharks, myriad and rays and many more water creatures which make this tank too attractive and absorbent for kids and adults too. This Tank has the huge collection of Sand tiger sharks of the world.

It is situated on the ground floor of the mall with 10-million-liter capacity and among largest suspended aquarium of the world.


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Second is Aquarium Tunnel: One another section of this place is Aquarium Tunnel it is a 48-meter-long walk via tunnel. It is an interesting way to have a walk in this tunnel and explore this exciting world of marine life. It is a perfect place where you can capture these scenes through your camera’s lens.

Underwater Zoo: The Zoo is located two levels above from aquarium tank. This underwater zoo allows you to have a detail look and find amazing range of aquatic animals with the help of 40 different display tanks. This zoo is comprising 3 different eco systems that are rainforest, living ocean and rocky shore and a great spot to explore about different creatures like Penguin, African dwarf, piranha, Giant Spider crabs, crocodile and so many more.

Location and getting there:

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo is located within the Dubai Mall on Sheikh Zayed Road, Doha street Off 1st interchange, Dubai UAE. You can reach there by Financial Centre Dubai metro which is 20 min far from Dubai Mall and Dubai mall metro station which is 14 min far only.

The Things to do in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo:

This breathtaking Aquarium and Zoo offers you to get up, go closer and personal with thousands of water creatures through a huge range of experiences which totally depends on your wish and the level of adventure. Now we will mention these exploring experiences down to have you detail knowledge which you must have before visiting it.

Shark Feeding Encounter: We all heard from our childhood that sharks are very dangerous and most terrifying aquatic creature on the earth. We have watched many horror movies where sharks are depicted as the horrifying creature that destroys everything coming close to it.

The underwater zoo in Dubai Aquarium has played an important role to break this image of sharks from our minds. You can experience the latest shark feeding encounter in Aquarium and under water zoo that brings you closer to these breathtaking predators for the very first time of your life.

This category offers you an exclusive shark feeding experience where you can watch out some divers tempting the sharks with full of fishes buckets. The divers who don’t have experience before for this they can enter too in this feeding area. This is 30-minute underwater journey is followed by the tour with facilities. Visitors ca watch feeding the sharks and breeding program of Aquarium.

Price for Shark encounter and Dubai Aquarium is 630 AED.

Shark Dives:  If you are looking for he adventures and unforgettable thrill you must need to have the diving experience in Dubai Aquarium. The depth of the dive is 10-million Liter Aquarium Tank. During the experience of diving you will have to face world’s largest collection of Sand tiger sharks, which you can only get in Dubai Aquarium.

For this diving experience in Aquarium Tank you don’t need to be an experienced or certified diver. Anyone can dive into it to have a great adventure inside the Aquarium by watching huge sharks so closely.

The price of the ticket for Underwater Zoo Shark Duve and Dubai Aquarium is 790AED per person.

Shark Walker: Some of the people are not interested to get socked their hair into the water or not thrilled a lot to have diving experience so they can have experience close encounters with rays and sharks and many other aquatic creatures just by prosody in for the Shark Walker experience.

For this you have to wear white helmet, that requires to help in breath comfortably underwater and your hair can keep dry. It will get 25 thrilling min in underwater heaven. You can see thousands of fishes closely and can entertain with unique underwater encounters.

The price for this experience is 620 AED.

Cage Snorkeling: If you are not comfortable in shark diving you may have experience a cage snorkeling where you can enjoy close encounter with different aquatic animals. It is a safe experience than shark diving. For this you just need to wear snorkeling gear and get into cage and dive into the aquarium that is full of aquatic species such as sharks, rays and many more.

The price for this cage snorkeling adventure is 370 AED.

There are many more activities and adventures to experience in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo such as different wonders underwater Zoo, meeting the King Crocodile, VRZOO experience.

 Opening hours:  

10:00 am to 12:00 midnight and the last admission should be 30 min before to closing.

The timings for junior aquarist adventure programs are started from 2pm and ended on 5pm, and for seniors from 1pm to 5pm. Between Sunday to Thursday.

Ticket prices:

The basic ticket price is 120 AED per person including Aquarium Tunnel and Underwater zoo.

But if you want explorer experience for both areas the price would be 175 AED per person. There are some other premium options so you can choose whatever suits you and able to explore anything you desire there.

The aquarium’s acrylic panel that has weight more than 2,45,000 kg and measuring 32.8 m, 8.3 m and 750 mm and featured as the largest in this kind and it is in world Guinness Book of world records (2010 edition).


visit official website: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum is among one of those museums that collects, saves, preserves and showcased the heritage and culture of UAE in different walks of life like political, social, cultural, military and scientific as well. Etihad is basically the Arabic word that means union and in this museum they depict the picture of the union of seven emirates and their ruler’s role in it step by step.

They have a huge collection of everything around the world which can be displayed in the museum such as old passports and the personal artefacts of UAE’s various rulers.

The Etihad museum encircled the Union house, the location where the emirate’s founding fathers signed an announcement that marked the evolution of the UAE in 1971, which is now the part of museum compound.

The museum is located over 25,000sqm on the same historical site of Union house the same place where that constitution was get signed in 1971. This museum is equipped with an educational center, library, restaurant and temporary exhibition hall.

Etihad museum was opened for the public in 2017 and this striking modern museum shows the birth of UAE in 1971, stimulated by the discovery of oil in 1950s and the cancelation of British in 1968. The museum building is very elegant in design its roof shows the sheet of paper on where the declaration was written on.

Architecture and design:

The Etihad museum design is so beautifully designed by Moriyama and Teshima Architects. The shape of the museum is like the shape of a manuscript, along 7 columns constructed into the museum to duplicate the pens used to sign the genuine declaration or evolution.

First pavilion: In first pavilion they will show the documentary movie about UAE’s history.

Third pavilion: This 2nd pavilion will house an extensive interlinked map spotlighting the era before the emergence of the federation.

Third pavilion: It will be an interactive schedule that explains key historical programs before the union of United Arab Emirates.

Fourth Pavilion: This will show visual display of the meeting among the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

Fifth Pavilion: This pavilion is an interactive conductor to the formation of the Union.

Sixth pavilion: It will show a homespun to the important substance and the challenges

Confronted the founding fathers of UAE before the union in 1971.

Seventh Pavilion: This pavilion will be given to the UAE constitution and will add the original declaration.

Eighth pavilion: This is the final pavilion and will be an open gallery and in this open gallery they showcased the newborn nation of UAE.

The pavilions feature the contrast in its material palette which pristine white marble floors and expand throughout the area and create the amphitheater steps which allow for gathering for different school groups and seminars.

The heavily textured black marble stone covered the building hub and link visitors to the upper area that are having café and exhibition space.

Experience the contemporary history:

You can explore the contemporary history of UAE in this latest Etihad museum of Dubai. This museum is located in magnificent latest building in area of Jumeirah where they offer a series of interlinked pavilions so visitors can discover the UAE’s history.

There are a lot of photos films, movies and much more to show how the nation is developed from time to time and especially between 1968 to 1974. Visitors can experience the rich culture and heritance of UAE and can explore about the life before the treaty that united these all 7 emirates.


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This is the perfect place for those who want to know about UAE’s past and present and their developmental stages as well. There is no another better place to have insight into the UAE’s astonishing economic development since its independence as the first federation in whole Arab world.

There are a lot of giant paintings by different artists such as Abdul Qader Al Rais which shows the geography of UAE. These paintings are giant and eye catching. There are the huge pictures of seven rulers of UAE who founded the nation, with their family pictures and their personal belongings like their passports, cane and sunglasses etc.

Visitors expectations:

  • Etihad museum is an eye opening place which gives you a glance how country union decided and established and how United Arab Emirates is actually formed.
  • Visitors can explore each and every step of the journey of their union and the efforts they make to unite their seven emirates, their developments throughout the journey.
  • This museum shows how the people belongs to this country are proud of their leaders who struggled for their unity and they placed a museum to explain the world about their progress and achievements.
  • Visitors can enjoy the 3D documentaries and high technology based films to show their historical places and events time to time.
  • This is a beautiful and peaceful place where the people can enjoy in groups or alone both, as it is full of knowledge journey to go to Etihad museum so everyone can have a good time with more explorations and discovery.
  • It is the best place to explore about the founding one of the fastest growing nations in the globe.
  • There is a beautiful library inside the museum except different artifacts, photographs or other displays, where visitors can enjoy reading about vast history and culture of UAE and many more things.

 Opening hours:

Museum opening hours are daily 10am to 8pm

Some guided tour companies are also available and offering tours for the museum daily from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Visiting hours:

It is recommended to plan almost 3 to 4 hours to spend in the museum.

Ticket prices:

Museum entry has different price ranges according to the age. For adult 25AED, Group 20AED, Student 10AED but child and people with determination are free.

The Etihad museum is in fact a museum with detail history and cultural exposure. This museum honors the UAE conception story. It is known also as a historic union house where nation’s constitution was get signed in 1971. Etihad museum displays is full of the learning process of UAE’s heritance and cultural history.

The nature of Etihad museum’s designing as an immersive learning atmosphere demanded an ease and flow of motion to enhance the visitor’s journey. The multimedia screens feature educational material to cultivate the view as an active cultural and historic campus.


visit Official Website: Etihad Museum

Alserkal Avenue

Al Serkal Avenue is a combination of an industrial area which is having warehouses in this industrial zone in Al Quoz, in Dubai. It was established in 2008 by Alserkal. The Alserkal avenue is one of the highlighted area of Dubai that is known for art and cultural district with a huge number of galleries, platforms and facilities. The Alserkal avenue hosts residencies for local and international artists both.

Concrete Alserkal Avenue:

AlSerkal avenue inaugurated Concrete Alserkal Avenue in 2017 which is the new area in the Avenue and it is the first project that is completed in UAE by the (OMA)Office of Metropolitan Architecture, it is founded by Pritzker Architecture.

Here is some technical information about concrete Alserkal avenue. The Award status and cycle for Concrete Alserkal Avenue is shortlisted during 2017-19. Thee Avenue is a former cultural area in Dubai and has been transformed into a main hub of culture in Dubai.

This project took for current warehouses and redefined them to make Concrete, an adjustable, multiuse area for artists and the cultural programs in the middle of the complex. In process of expanding the area for events, the services were combined at one corner of building.

The main entrance and event area with a floorplan having four-meter-high sliding and rotating walls, that are near to the yard, the main outdoor public area of the district. The front area of the avenue has large translucent doors which are opening into the yard, and creating a symbolic relation between indoor and outdoor, it’s also allowing activities to drift between both spaces.

History of the Avenue:

AlSerkal is actually an industrial area with 39 warehouses in it, this district progressed naturally when the first gallery name ‘Ayyam Gallery’ moved into it in 2008. After that the original district was converted into the art galleries, designing studios, persona museum and performing arts place.

When the most famous art gallery of the region name Carbon 12 Dubai, moved into the Alserkal Avenue the other famous and good art galleries also moved there. So the industrial complex progressed a main hub of artistic activity.

Now the AlSerkal avenue is a mixture of industrial businesses and creativity areas. There are now almost 60 arts, design and creative spots among private collections, society projects and different foundations are there. This Avenue is a home to almost 25 modern art galleries and spaces in one block with highest concertation of whole art galleries in one and only region.

The art galleries in the avenue are hosting different exhibitions, discussions of panels, young person auctions, community programs and talks and established new artists and their career.

The developer of this area is Abdelmonem bin Eisa Alserkal announced in 2012 March to double the size of this avenue of art, by adding 62 spots of different sizes with 39 existing spots, they also announced to add more parking area and events center by giving this district full area of 92,000sqm. This expansion was completed by 2015 by expanding Alserkal avenue square footage to about 500,000.


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In 2015 they also announce to offer supporting arm to the local talents as well as focusing on the artists from North Africa, Middle east and South Asia. There two famous art galleries participated also in Art Basel for the first time in the history of the country, their names are Green Art gallery and gallery Isabelle van den Eynde.

Inside the Alserkal Avenue: AlSerkal avenue is a central Hub of sharp art events, endless concepts and huge creative galleries. Some of the specifications of the AlSerkal avenue are mentioning below so it will be helpful for you to choose your way if you are an artist.

Amazing local artists:

  • Alserkal avenue now entertain more than 40 concepts among these 20 are permanent art areas such as OMA by world famous architect.
  • There are different types of art galleries that shows variety of concepts through their art work for example first art Syrian gallery which shows their art through topic of war and infinity.
  • Private European and American works from 60s to 90s can be seen in art galleries of this avenue. On other hand in some galleries you may see the modern art and emerging artists from turkey, Middle east and south Asia through their art work.
  • There are some regional galleries as well where you can see Middle eastern art that also participating on international level as well

Shopping spaces:

  • You can see Fashion and designs throughout the avenue with the help of different art works on them. For example, you can find latest design with art work on Abayas in kimono style on Chi-KA.
  • You can find many shops out there with a lot of fashionable, modern art and latest styles of abayas, dresses, jewelries and home décor stuff.

Cafes and dining concept:

  • There are several restaurants that belongs to the Alserkal avenue throughout the year.
  • Some galleries also offer permanent linked café and innovative space, juice corners, health snack bars. They are offering the visitors plant base breakfast, variety in lunch with detox juices with charcoal touch.
  • There are many linked restaurants or food points that will offer you different salads with artistic touch of music. Some of them provides variety of chocolates.

Artistic discussion:

The main aim of the avenue is to provide opportunity to the artistic mind people, where they can discuss about art on regional level or international level and find about the artistic neighborhood. Their bold public art expressed the street artists and designers all together in creative tone once you enter into the main area of the avenue.

There are always some events on the list in Alserkal avenue to be happen throughout the year. Along these events there are many workshops every week. These workshops are based on various concepts of learning art such as drawing basics, breathing exercises and meditation techniques, running exercises, social Saturdays are also organized in the avenue.

Above mentioned all events and workshops are organized daily wise according to the age of people and their price packages are also different which you can come to know once you visit there. AlSerkal is the best place to visit for those who are more interested in art and they love to see everything around them in artistic touch either it is the thing to wear, eat, décor or anything.

Opening hours:

Saturday – Thursday 10 am to 7pm.

How to go there:

You can choose any thing to go there but if you want to travel by metro you must know that Noor bank Dubai Metro is only 19 min away from the avenue and First gulf bank Dubai metro is almost 32 min so you will take taxi from that metro station till the Alserkal avenue. The third option is to take rental car or taxi to reach there.

Bookings: You can book in advance your tour from any tour provider company so it will be easy for you to reach out there and to know about the avenue in detail as well. It is recommended to book the tour ahead of time to save your spot. And if you want to cancel your booking you can do so but before 24 hours of the tour startup time.


visit Official Website: Alserkal Avenue

Dubai Walls

More than a dozen hot shots of the international street-art scene, including Aiko, Blek Le Rat, ROA and Nick Walker, have turned new urban-style quarter City Walk into a stunning outdoor gallery. The not-to-be-missed art ranges from small pop-up model art to full-on installations covering an entire wall. The project was sponsored by City Walk developer Meraas.

Kite Beach

Dubai’s Kite beach is one of the favorite spot for people to enjoy with their friends, families and it is also the perfect place for fitness fanatics people. Kite beach is the ultimate outdoor area with open belt of soft white sand, and the fascinating sights, sounds and the breathtaking fragrance of the sea. These all beautiful sights invite you to entertain yourself and have a full day fun there.

Kite Beach is a long, pristine extend of white sand, located next to mosque on Jumeirah road. It is a super clean beach with lots of activities such as beach volleyball, beach tennis, kitesurfing the famous activity of this beach and kayaking.

There are a lot more activities and facilities along the games such as Wi-Fi, toilets, showers and changing of the facilities with different style and types of food trucks and cafes.

You can enjoy beautiful sights of Burj Al Arab from the kite beach. It is a very busy beach especially on Fridays and Saturdays when the seaside market with art and craft along gifts sets up.

Life on the beach:

Kite beach has something fantastic to tempt you by offering you different types of beverages, drinks, gourmet burgers, healthy breakfast and many more. Below mentioned spots are Kite beach’s best food spots.

Booba: Booba is the famous Dubai master Taiwanese art of bubble tea. You can get delicious yoghurt made tea, milk tea, coffees, fruit tea and other stuff like that.

Dri Dri: Dri Dri is an Italian brand of Gelato that freshly made in the store daily.


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95-degree specialty coffee: They offer single origin special coffee along brownies, freshly bake croissants and toasty.

Chez Sushi: They serve Chez Sushi in different way first you will choose the ingredients and the dressing and garnishing material then the team of the Chez Sushi will serve that thing beautifully.

Haagen-Dazs: The Haagen Dazs founder is Reuben Mattus who believed that when you are involved in ice cream thing then it should be smooth, intense and creamy experience of great pleasure.

JJ Chicken: It is an original Charcoal Grilled chicken restaurant.

Ice Cream Lab: It is well known for the innovations and famous for bringing nee exciting flavors for its customers.

Kimbo Espresso Italiano: It is a creative concept made for those who want to enjoy coffee in Napolitano style.

Mashakeek Cabana: It is an authentic food with a slightly touch of old style!

There are a lot more food cuisines serving on Kite beach where you can enjoy variety of food and drinks with your friends and family such as LaOla, iScream, SKM’D, Park House, this is Hot Dog, Tomato and Basilico restaurant.

Hub of watersports:

All famous and well known beachgoers, spectators and kite surfers are unite. If you want to enjoy water sports and you are interested to test your skills in these games which is one of the best free beaches of Dubai. Kite beach is the good challenge you are searching.

Different sports:

You can have there the high quality watersports equipment on the beach with perfect white sand along kitesurfing, standup paddle boarding gear, wakeboarding all set to go. If you are more interested to enjoy on land games, you can have volleyball on sand of the beach which is more fun to have with your friends there. You may have more new friends to make and a warm welcoming gesture in this process.

If you want to be more chilled, you can play many more games there like kite flying. Kite beach exudes adrenaline as much as it shows beautiful serenity and a normal beachside atmosphere.

If you want to walk or jog along the coastline so this beach offers you 14km track which is the perfect place to walk on or jog. You will have amazon scenes of the majestic Burj Al Arab to appreciate.

Overall view of all fun things to do on Kite beach:

Kite beach is one of the favorite beaches of most of the people who love to visit. There are some fun things to have on kite beach listed down so before going to kite beach you must know about this and go with proper arrangement there so you can enjoy all aspects of the beach fully.

Paddle boarding: Paddle boarding is the fun which you can have on kite beach, you can go to paddle boarding in single, with your friends or family any person, as they have all options open. Prices for stand up paddle water sport is 60 to 180 AED depends on age and number Opening timings: 7:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Kite surfing: If you will see the name of the beach itself is on kite name ‘kite beach’ which means you will find kites all around there. You can fly kites there and will have more memorable time, you can learn how to fly kites from any of the professional or good kite surfer as training sessions are also available on beach.

Timings are 7am to till sun set, price of training sessions are 350 to 1890 AED.

Food trucks: A we discussed above various variety of food available on beach we know that no outing can complete without enjoying food. Kite beach is a best spot in this regard. The much appreciated SALT also find on kite beach where you can find delightful slides and lotus softy on their outdoor terrace on beach.

Salt opening hours are 9am to 3am and price is 115 for 2 persons.

Skate park: There is a skate park on 3100sqm of beautifully design which offers skaters to show off their talent by rails, bowls and slopes. They can have everything here to roll their blades off.

Timings are 3pm to 11pm and price is 45AED for a day and 1000AED for annual membership.

Water park: Kite beach is also a best place for Splash party waterpark. So you can enjoy with your kids there in the water and kids can have a lot of water activities in this park which is vary adventures in its way.

Timings are 4pm to 10pm and price is 100AED and on adult is free with one child.

Outdoor gym: There is a magnum fitness gym that allows you to have a blasting work out in open area along the sea. You can also entertain with group classes like Muay Thai, aqua gym and self-defense gym.

Timings are 5am to 1am and price is 180 to 600 AED.

Adventure time for kids: your kids can have adventures time on beach by enjoying zip lines and aerial ropes on the outdoor park on kite beach which gives the perfect adventure to your little ones. There are bungee jumpers and Tarzan swings that will entertain you kid in fun way.

Timings are 9am to 9pm and price is started from 40 AED depends on activities you choose.

The name of the beach kite beach is actually less attractive than the activities available there. It’s a community friendly area with a lot more activities which we discussed above. You should go to this beach in the afternoon as this is the time when the wind blows fast and presents better conditions.


visit official website: Dubai Kite Bech


Alserkal Cultural Foundation

AlSerkal cultural foundation is known as ACF also. It is the foundation located in Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood.


Al Serkal Cultural Foundation was founded in 2015 by starting its work properly and the fonder of this foundation is Mr. Ahmad bi Eisa bu=in Nasser Alserkal.

AlSerkal was the first foundation which proves a first platform to support and appreciate emerging artists and designers with its goal of highlighting the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood by showing its rich archeological heritage, custom and intangible past with unforgettable history.

Al Serkal Foundation have a vibrant atmosphere displaying 5 exhibition halls, creativity corners, Art cafes, Rooftops, Fashion zone, Home décor corner, Book corner and workshop corner. This foundation was a big step in supporting the ambitious artists in different fields and appreciate their work by displaying it in different corners of the exhibition halls in the foundation.

They are very proud with having 110 artists and designers that they assisted in this course of journey to become famous and their work will be known by many people around. ACF is well known for its art corner mostly because art and handicrafts at their creativity corner is among hot buying stuff and have also made a dark mark for their different and unique elements and features.

History of ACF:

Alserkal Cultural Foundation was established in month of MAY in 2008 in Heritage house no 13 at Al Fahidi historical neighborhood district. This heritage house was built by Abdul Razzaq Uzatadi in 1925 and was renovated by Dubai Municipality in 2006 by saving the original aspects of the house.

This house contains a courtyard along rooms all around it and the wind tower which provides natural cooling system in older times. This heritage house hosted different lectures and talks that are organized with some associations such as architectural heritage association, poetry academy and Emirati Philatelic association.

The first exhibition in heritage house was held in 2008 by Artist Waleed al Shami and was inaugurated by H.E Muhamad Aham Al Murr, next exhibition was Al Multaga exhibition in 2009 March and H.H Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid vice president of Dubai attended this also.


The art exhibitions and different workshops that held in AlSerkal foundation are not only happen inside the foundation but also display outside the foundation as well. These exhibitions are held in different outside spots like Dubai Mall also offered these participants a good art and culture sense and understanding.

Among their indoor exhibitions are displayed on their roof top also, it is a treasure trove of difficult to find books with topics on Art, Travel, Architecture, Religion, Culture and Emirati customs and their history.

There is a corner of another art exhibition is Fashion corner where they display wearable art which is full of various cultural dresses and unique fashion senses. This fashion corner is a catwalk of modern designs with cultural touch.

Home corner is one another spot which is dedicated to display unique and good quality homemade stuff and products for your home decoration and to enhance the lifestyle in your homes.

Events and programs:

The AlSerkal foundation is a perfect venue for many events and a great ambience for different meetings, your brand promotions, team building activities, photo shoots, book launchings and signing programs, any private event.

So indeed this foundation is also a good experience of make Art Café, where people can involve in fresh salads and sandwiches, beverages, desserts and the top best coffee of the district will also be available there.


Al Serkal Cultural foundation is a good experience of a perfect house place daily from morning to evening seven days of week throughout the year. The foundation has almost 100,000 visitors in last 2 years.

The visitors are mostly from outside the country and internationally characters who explore this foundation through various exhibitions of their interests. They are actually from all the countries from the globe and seeking for the cultural enrichment, the tourists of the foundation are for high searching and the students came here are for searching the ideas to add their scrapbooks.

The photographers, bloggers, book publishers, families, walk in different expats, local people seeking for the recollections and online influencers are coming here to seek for the National history and culture and a complete area with full of UAE society.

Alserkal cultural foundation is a good promoter of UAE culture which is done in three levels, first is locally by showing local traditions then second is regionally by playing an important role in its neighborhood and last is globally by moving the UAE into the cultural hub that impresses talents, innovations and creations.

What is the mission and vision of ACF?

The mission of ACF is to promote, support, deliver voices of developers to the community. The Alserkal foundation has close link with the cultural life of Dubai. It always has a huge prospective and vision of national life, where art and culture play an important role.

Expect developers, innovators, merchants and entrepreneurs this foundation has produced the scholars, writers, authors that have written several books on astronomy, chemistry and on marine subject.

The chairman of the foundation always wants to take forward the vision and give it a new picture, he wants to give back the country by developing the Emirati soul and base through showing the nation’s unique culture and heritage creations.

According to him it is our social responsibility to shed light on our nation’s past and bring light to the present life through works of artists, writers and innovators.

Values of ACF:

The core value of ACF is developing the community and help the society by building healthy and observant community around. Their important aim is to provide chances and opportunity for creative and brilliant minds. Provide originality through their work and exhibitions and offer unique opportunities for growth of healthy society.

Message from the chairman:

Mr. Ahmad bin Eisa Nasser Alserkal is the chairman of this foundation, he gives message to the people who are interested to visit this foundation or participate in any exhibition over there, that the main goal of the foundation is to promote the cultural scene in their region. He said or intent is to dug a seed and grow a lush blooming tree with full of developments that will have a great positive impression on community, and help by holding hand in hand with many of the initiatives which are launched by H.H Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the Ruler of Dubai.

Opening hours:

On Fridays 10:00am to 7:00pm and Saturday to Thursday 9:00am to 7:00pm.

Visit Official Website by clicking here.

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Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque means Masjid Humaira which is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The construction of Jumeirah Mosque started in 1976. This Mosque is also known as two minaret mosque that frame together a central dome.

This Mosque was the gift from Late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, who was the former and ruler of Dubai and the current ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the son of Sheikh Rashid. This Mosque is the most photographed mosque among other mosques of Dubai.

Jumeirhah Mosque is one of the most iconic tourist attraction in Dubai. Which is adapting an Open Minds and Open door’s policy and welcoming its visitors of all believes to appreciate the Mosque and learn the local culture as well as Islam the beautiful religion.

The Jumeirah Mosque is not the largest mosque in Dubai but yet it is among the beautiful Mosques of Dubai which is open to Non-Muslims as well. If you are visiting Dubai and you didn’t visit Jumeirah Mosque than your tour to Dubai is seems waste as the people who already visited there said.

The Mosque is not only the place of worship for Muslims but it shows itself the spectacular piece of art and the classy architecture which provides a fascinating journey through out its tour. That is why this mosque is one of the best historical and cultural place in Dubai which is known for its architecture with describing the rich Arabian customs.


Jumeirah Mosque is located at the top end of Jumeirah beach road, and near to metro stop is Al Jafiliya. From this stop you can have a short taxi ride till the mosque or shift to c10 RTA bus.


The Mosque was built in Fatimid traditionally style that originated from Egypt and Syria and Mosque was opened in1979.

Jumeirah Mosque which is big enough to accommodate up to 1,300 people and was constructed fully from white stones in the traditional style of medieval Fatimid. This Mosque is towering with twin minarets structuring a large central dome. It is seen that on Friday’s prayers people are offering their prayers outside the mosque as well.

When the Mosque light up at nightfall, the artistry and natural beauty of this mosque is spotlighted at that moment. It is built with white mesmerizing looking façade, elegant minarets and the perfect landscape along Jumeirah Beach Road that makes it the serene location.

This mosque is one of the earliest landmarks of this area. The main thing to know about Jumeirah Mosque history is its construction began in 1976 by the ruler of Dubai Late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed and completed in 1979. The one of the interesting thing is the feature of the landmark of mosque is on 500 note of UAE.

The shaded walkways of Jumeirah mosque leading to an outdoor area for ablution and an indoor majlis area. After stepping into the main hall you will be fascinate with the series of sophisticated arches and columns, green carpets and crystal clear windows.  Mihrab is on the opposite side of the main entrance and niche in the wall which indicates the Qibla.

The walls and ceilings are filled with holy verses of Quran. They are beautifully ornament with calligraphy, intricate designs and geometrical motifs everywhere.


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How to have tour in Mosque:

Local Mosque prototypical are on hand to give 75 minutes of a tour in 6 days of one week at 10pm. These all tours are run by Sheikh Mohamed Center for cultural understanding and facilitate visitors with a chance to learn more about Emirati culture, religion and way of life.

In these tours they explained about everything regarding the religion Islam like Islamic holidays, cuisines and customs, traditions and rituals all are well explained. Visitors will have more knowledge about the Muslim’s holy month Ramadan and they encouraged visitors to ask questions about anything.

During the tour, visitors will have an entertaining and knowledge able journey about foods, Arabic snacks, desserts, coffee and a lot more varieties of Arab dishes. All visitors are demanded to dressed properly and to act respectfully during this tour as they will visit almost all Historical places connected with Islam. So women should wear

the dress which covered their body and head too as Mosque is a religious place.

Before the tour the visitors will be waiting 30 minutes into an area called majlis where they will have served with traditional Arabic coffee and tea. After this the guide will lead them to the area for ablution and explained them how to perform Wudu, then they will move ahead to the inside of main prayer hall. In this hall they can have chance to ask questions and clear their doubts regarding the culture and faith.


Visitors experience:

  • The Visit of the Mosque itself takes about one hour for a small fee.
  • Visitors will get an opportunity to observe the prayer.
  • They can learn about the culture and customs or Arabs.
  • Visitors can ask any question regarding UAE from the person assisting them.
  • They can enjoy the medieval Fatimid architecture with the stone construction.
  • They should wear modest dress so no one can claim on their dressing.

Important things that know before visit:

The best time is during sunset so visitors can see the mosque lit up during sun set as it is a perfect and beautiful sight to see. They should have a good capturing camera with them to catch that sight.

The visitors should be on time as mosque main hall opening time is 10am till 8pm daily. The dress code to visit the mosque Visitors should keep in mind before visiting so they will not be any hassle that time.


The Jumeirah Mosque is open daily from 10am to 2pm except Fridays. If you want to book any local tour guides than you have to book the tour 30 minutes before program starts. Visitors should be on time around 9:30 and at 10:05 am doors will be close and will reopen at 11:15am.

The Jumeirah Mosque’s grounds are open full day; visitors may view the beautiful architecture from the outside of the Mosque any day any time during week.

Entrance fee:

Entrance fee is 20 to 25 dirhams per person and children under the age of 12 are free but keep in mind this fee is charged by the tourist guide. For Jumeirah mosque there is not particular fee for entrance.

This Mosque has dedicated several times throughout the week for people to visit and learn about Islam and how it is representing the religion in an Arab country. We will recommend you to visit this Mosque must during your stay or visit to Dubai and you will never regret to do so.

Gold Souk

Souk is an Arabic origin word which means a traditional market. Dubai Gold Souk is a very famous and well known traditional market in in Dubai, UAE. It is located in Deira Dubai which is the commercial business area of Dubai. The Gold Souk has over 380 dealers in it and most of them are jewelry traders.

Some of the shops in Dubai Gold Souk are too old from decades and some of them are recently built. The top items are trading here includes Gold, Diamond, platinum and silver too.

Dubai Gold Souk is bordered by Dubai Fish and vegetables market to the north and Deira Corniche to Baniyas square at Sikkat al-khali street and it is close presence to the Deira bus stand too. There is Dubai creek and Dubai textile souk near Gold Souk as well. It is said that, Gold souk will be rebuilt soon. The Municipality of Dubai plans to make Gold souk an upbeat destination for tourists.


History explains that in old days of Dubai, Iranian and Indian traders started shops in Deira Dubai. Which is now the sprawling district of Dubai. Today this Gold souk market is known for its cheap rates selling gold as compare to its neighboring gold selling markets.

Detailed introduction:

The Gold souk Dubai is the most famous and most visited market in Dubai. It is equipped with the labyrinth of shaded walkways is a place to hundreds of retailers providing the huge and antique selection of jewelry made with silver, gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious metals, stone and materials.

It is a busy commercial place that should be on every tourist’s visit list. It is a place to must visit during your visit in Dubai even you are not interested in buying anything from there as many organized tours must stop here.


The Gold Souk is located in Deira Dubai that is an old commercial area of Dubai. The nearest Dubai Metro station is Al Ras metro station on the green line. The bus stations are Al Sabkha and Gold Souq bus station.

Buses that going near the Gold Souk are bus service number 8 and the route of the bus is Ibn Battuta Bus station via Dubai Marina and Jumeirah beech residence, (Al sufouh) Madinat Jumeirah, (Umm suqeim) Burj Al Arab, and Jumeirah.

You can take an Abra the boat service across to creek from Bur Dubai to Deira Old souk. The nearby Abra station is Diera Abra station.

Price rates of stuff:

Usually market rates of gold or any other metal are placed outside every shop around the souk. These prices are mentioned under the quality like 24K, 22K, 21K or 18K in UAE AED per gram. The current rate of gold in Dubai can be changes according to the need of time.

The all stuff is sold by the current market rate of the particular metal with additional making charges of the worker. You may bargain for the prices as they are offering different prizes adding their making charges in it so they may decrease the charges after bargaining.

Different tips to know before shopping in Gold Souk:

Whenever you are visiting to any market you may heard about that market from someone or you might check it online and check the ratings and reviews then you want to visit it. What main things you check before going to any place is the stuff selling there and the prices or the quality or the process that how you can check whether the thing you are buying is up to the original quality or not.

So you should know some of the tips before visiting the Gold Souk Dubai and these are mention below;

First know the market rice: The first tip is to get to know the same day’s market price of gold or any other metal because gold is like stocks and its price fluctuates on every single day. So it is best to know the exact rate so it can help you later to haggle with the shop retailers in Gold Souk Dubai. The best way to check the rate is ‘The Dubai retail Gold rate’.

Knowledge of types of Gold: Another helpful tip is to must have the knowledge of gold and its types. Like gold is sold in different karats and weights. The higher the karat is the pure that gold is. That means 24 karat gold is the most purer form of the gold. The pure gold is soft and to make it strong and solid they mix it with different metals such as zinc, silver, nickel or copper.

That is why the gold has different colors as well because it depends on the metal used to mix in it to make it solid and the weight of that second metal too.

Choose your desire jewelry: Once you know that what type of accessary you desire, whether it is a ring, necklace, bangle or any other form of gold then you ask from the vendor about the karat and the weight of that particular thing. They will weigh that thing and tell you the weight and the karats of this chosen thing which can make your decision easier to buy or not.

Technique of haggling: This is also one more good tip to learn that how to haggle during sopping. This you can learn by going in to different shops to buy the same thing and in Gold souk also you can visit different shops to check their prices and ask from the last price they offer you.

Actually they are already telling you little higher so they know that you will haggle and then come to the exact price what they want you to give. Try to bargain at least 25% down from the price they tell and try to bargain according to the price you afford and keep in mind the fashion trend along.

You may walk away if the price doesn’t suites you to give an impression that you want this on the price you said.

The haggling is actually based on Rate and the Making. The rate is the price of gold which you already know that how to check and what does it mean Rate cannot be negotiable and Make is the charges of the labor who made it which can be negotiable in some cases.

You can haggle more if you are buying more pieces but if the design is made delicately the more difficult to haggle or it.

Buy from any shop: One more important thing to know is not to buy gold stuff from any outside stall as it is not hundred percent authentic or guaranteed because inside the shops Dubai Municipality is responsible to check the quality and the shop vendors give you guarantee for the thing but out sider will not, which is very necessary.

Is Gold cheaper in Dubai?

This is one of the rising question in most of our minds that in God souk the price of gold is cheaper relatively from other countries?

The answer to this is that from 2008 the government of UAE added VAT on every purchase in the country but still gold prices are cheaper in Dubai as compare to the other countries and one very important thing is that in Dubai the gold quality is higher than anywhere else because while making any jewelry they are not adding another metal into it to make it more solid or cheaper. This is the best thing which exceeds us to buy gold from Dubai.

Dubai is actually known in other countries for its best gold trade and the quality of gold offered there is preciously genuine as Municipality of Dubai checked the material selling the Gold souk shops frequently.

Timings to visit Gold Souk:

The Gold Souk Dubai is open 7 days a week. The opening hours from Saturday to Thursday are 10 AM to 10 pm. The Friday opening hours are from 4 pm to 10 pm.

On normal days most shops are closed or on break from 1 PM to 4 PM. The best time to visit Gold Souk Dubai is afternoon 4 pm.

Dubai Gold Souk Direction

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