UAE work permits: Company Classification, New Fees and Rules


On 4 December 2017, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (formerly Ministry of Labour) (“MOL”) announced the implementation of a new Ministerial Resolution (No. 729 of 2017) which sets out a revised fee structure for issuing work permits to companies in respect of new employees that they wish to hire. Under the new system, … Read more

Alserkal Cultural Foundation

Alserkal Cultural Foundation

AlSerkal cultural foundation is known as ACF also. It is the foundation located in Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. Introduction: Al Serkal Cultural Foundation was founded in 2015 by starting its work properly and the fonder of this foundation is Mr. Ahmad bi Eisa bu=in Nasser Alserkal. AlSerkal was the first foundation which proves a first … Read more

Food items seized from a warehouse in Ajman include 40 tonnes of expired goods

According to the authorities, 40 tonnes of expired food items were recently seized from an unlicensed warehouse in Ajman Industrial Area. After confirming that unlawful activities were occurring in the warehouse, Ajman’s Department of Economic Development (Ajman DED) and a team from the emirate’s municipality raided the warehouse. They discovered that the warehouse employees changed … Read more

Top 19 Business Centers in Dubai 2022 – Serviced Office Providers

1. Impeccable Business Center Located near Dubai Mall Metro Station An impeccable business center is equipped with high-speed internet access and well-equipped operational rooms to meet all your business-related needs. Using this business center, you can achieve your milestones in the long run by finding complete solutions to your business needs. It is also a … Read more

Dubai Health Overview, Services and Health Care

Overview The United Arab Emirates has a strategic and comprehensive government-sponsored healthcare system. The desert nation also has a steadily developing private healthcare sector that offers standard care. Both Emirate and Federal levels regulate healthcare.The healthcare in the UAE varies from one Emirate to another. However, the care that you will be given anywhere around … Read more

UAE campaign on World Hepatitis Day

Hepatitis is a worldwide transmitted disease, with the main cause of poor hygiene. It is more widespread in undeveloped countries, where clean food or water is not available. Emirates Health Services (EHS) of the UAE has collaborated with other countries to mark Thursday, 28th July, as World Hepatitis Day. They created digital campaigns on social … Read more

Wadi Shees / Shis Fujairah

Wadi Shees also spelled Shis is a change away from the usual Malls , Parks, Beaches located in Country East Cost, Fujairah. From rocky roads where you can get out and take small walks, driving along roads where the sides rise vertically into the sky for 20+ meters to clear pools of water (depending on … Read more