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DoFollow NoFollow Links

DoFollow Nofollow Links

DoFollow NoFollow links are differ by anchor attribute (rel), is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization.

Do-Follow: An anchor tag (link) with no rel attribute is called Do-Follow link. Do-Follow links are PR ( Page Rank ) links which recommend the link which is either inbound or outbound link.

For example:

<a href=”http://uaewave.com” >Digital Marketing Agency</a>

is a Do-Follow Link and is of more importance.

No-Follow: An anchor tag (link) with attribute rel=”nofollow” is called  No-Follow link. No-Follow link do not pass PR ( Page Rank ) but still create a back link to website.

For example:

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”http://facebook.com”>Facebook</a>

is a No-Follow Link. Which means you are not passing your page PR to Facebook.

DoFollow NoFollow Links

To increase your website domain authority, you have to be very careful about DoFollow NoFollow links when creating back links to your website of high DA ( Domain Authority ). If you get Do-Follow links to your website from website with high domain authority your website ranking will increase very quickly. If you give Do-Follow links to other website, you are promoting those contents of website by passing PR. If in future that link goes down that will affect your website.

DoFollow NoFollow LinksAs Shown in the picture, Outbound Links with No Follow attributes hurts less your website. But getting Do Follow links to your website is of high importance. Do Follow links from high domain authority ( DA ) website helps a lot in increasing DA of your website.

Consider, your web page has a domain authority 30 and you have 3 outbound links. Two of them are Do-Follow links and one No-Follow. These two Do-Follow outbound links will pass 20 out of 30 DA to external website pages ( 33% each ) leaving your web page DA to 10.


Following is an important tools to check No-Follow link.

FireFox plugin to check the links your content are Do-Follow or No-Follow. NoDoFollow

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